Laura & James

Another wonderful wedding from a busy weekend.  Sorry if you have waited a little while for this blog, but I am sure you will agree the wait will have been worth it.  Laura, her sister and two cousins all got ready together, very efficiently and with a good sense of fun.  I was really pleased to capture these two fleeting moments, great moments and compositions.
I also love this juxtaposition.
James also had a busy morning, a trip to the airport, setting up a slideshow and of course getting ready himself.  Here he gets a few tips on how to do his tie before going to the church.
A few jokes started the service off well, flying jokes set the scene of the day.

I was lucky to get the next picture, as an errant guest stood right in front of the couple as they came down the aisle!  Enjoy the service and let me take the photographs for the couple please.
We braved the breeze on the common before heading to the Bella Luce Hotel for a lovely reception.  The marquee looked beautiful inside and out.
The couple used a red Porsche as their transport, as one guest suggested a lovely wedding present from Dad!  I had to use the car as a prop for a few ring shots.  We were all entertained by great speeches, there was no need to worry beforehand, the best man's speech was quite special.
As night fell the dancing started with a highly photogenic first dance.  When the band had to stop everyone moved indoors for even more!  A memorable day.