Lucy & Ross

Another beautiful and special day, this wedding really must have fulfilled everyone's dreams for their wedding day. So much effort must have gone into all the arrangements and well worth it I must say. I know there are a lot of people keen to see a quick preview of some pictures, so I have worked hard to bring these to you as soon as possible. The trouble was I did have a difficult job decided which ones to blog.

One of my favourite getting ready shots is below, when one of the little flower girls admires the just dressed bride, totally unposed and a priceless moment.

Then what can be said about the sheer beauty of the bride and her truly spectacular dress, I feel quite emotional just writing this! Capturing emotion is one of my aims with my photography, so I am allowed to show some myself sometimes! This picture was photographed in a tiny bedroom in a few minutes, fitting in with everything else at this hectic time, just natural light and of course the perfect subject.

I did also get some great shots of the groom's party getting ready, but sorry Ross, no room to show them here.
Fast forward to the church, the groom appears to be showing a few nerves, the final thoughts of an about to be married man.

The bride fittingly arrived in a vintage car, this lovely shot was brilliantly spotted by my assistant (and wife). I reluctantly have to admit this wasn't my picture and shows that sometimes having someone else around can help to capture a different angle I am unable to.

In the church there are always some intimate and highly touching moments, it was a pleasure to be able to capture some of these from slightly different positions to normal.

Now I haven't mentioned Lucy's veil, but this shot illustrates it perfectly. I spent a long time thinking how to show the veil to its best, this shot was taken as Ross and Lucy walked out from the church which was in deep shadow from the strong sun. Again this shows the need to react quickly to all situations, I will not pose something like this as it really is too intrusive and breaks up the natural flow of events, and of course fails to capture the genuine true moment.

A carriage ride to the reception was a relaxing way to travel in a beautifully turned out carriage. I wanted to illustrate the movement so deliberately panned the camera to capture this action. Challenging yes, but this adds the extra special element to the photograph. Now Ross must be thinking I am a bit accident prone, he witnessed my shower at a friend's wedding back in May (see blog entry for that month), well this time I was following the carriage on my bike with two cameras round my neck, and maybe trying to take a photograph at the same time wasn't the best idea. At least the hedge was soft and I was travelling at walking pace!

I am aware this entry is getting a bit long, so a few images to sum up the reception.

Now Donna, (Lucy's mum) had made the cake herself, as if there wasn't enough to do already, great hat too!

Awaiting the first dance.

As expected a vibrant party completed the day. Well done to all for making this day so memorable.