Delphine & Chris

Every event has it's own signature, and this one certainly had some unique points. Quite casual and relaxed with the added element of a lovely two part reception. The service was at St. Andrew's church and a short stroll took everyone to the couple's most remarkable house. Now Chris is an amazing designer and he is responsible for the design of the house, I am told Delphine was responsible for the building. I am in awe of your skills, and was very excited about seeing what I could photograph showing the building.

The dress was hung in the perfect place for me, just off a staircase to have enough height to clear the floor. Being able to put the white dress with it's sheen and textures offset by the graphic white interior was stunning, the lighting balance took a while to achieve but well worth the effort. Of course I took full advantage of the amazing interior lighting that is such a clever feature in Chris' design. Photography is all about light, especially to me the edges of light.

Now onto the people, which are naturally the main focus of a wedding. Here we have the bride adding a few finishing touches to her hair with the simple addition of some flowers. I am observing the reflection in the mirror waiting for the perfect moment. Delphine is in a beautiful pose, the lighting is so soft and scattered it is all I can ask for to give this stunning result.

When I want to take a few portraits often all I want is a a blank wall. This is surprisingly lacking in most of our houses, well here I was spoilt. The bridal party are in fine spirits, no nerves evident yet.

I had to include the little flower girl Alex, not once but twice in this blog. Plus I have lots more images of this delightful little girl who behaved impeccably throughout the day. Now one other factor in this event was that the age span of the guests was virtually 100 years, for one of the French relatives was literally 100 years old. What a great occasion.

It was a pleasure to be allowed at the front of the church until just before the ceremony commenced, this enabled me to capture the precise moment the bride and groom saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, a priceless moment. In particular as Papa looks on as he steps aside having just walked his daughter up the aisle.

As mentioned before a short stroll to the house followed the service, everyone sat amongst the trees and enjoyed the fine weather. Naturally a look around the house proved a popular diversion.

Onto the second part of the reception, held at the beautifully decorated Bella Luce hotel. Great speeches were followed by the meal. Toast images are difficult to capture, I was pleased with this image of the groom raising a glass.

Then onto the evening entertainment, some danced, some sat outside in the gardens, but everyone had a great finale to the day.

Look closely and check out one of the craziest dance moves I have seen for a long time!