Elise & David - St. Peter's Church and A Hidden Marquee

Elise and David picked a beautiful day for their wedding, in fact it was almost too hot and we were thankful for the shaded site where their marquee was.

Elise got ready at her parents’ characterful farmhouse, it was a busy place!

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Meanwhile David and his groomsmen got ready at the Imperial Hotel, their preparations even involved a bit of hair care for David!

The ceremony was held at St. Peter’s Church, a close and convenient location for everyone. Rev. Adrian Datta conducted the ceremony with great humour.


Alice didn’t stay still for long, she was always on the move and determined to go where she wanted to…


One of my favourite pctures from the day, a little moment after the signing of the register.


We went straight to the reception after the church, a change to more practical footwear was a good idea.

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The marquee was so well hidden in the valley, you didn’t know it was there until you were right upon it. There had been a massive effort to prepare the site as well as decorate the interior and surroundings.

People had plenty of time to mingle and interact before the call in for speeches.

Speeches were very entertaining.

As night approached, Elise and David showed off their dancing skills.


The site was beautifully atmospheric as night fell, David’s dad ensured the fire was kept well stoked up.


A great day in a quite unique venue, I am sure everyone thought all the hard work beforehand was well worhtwhile.