Vanessa & Richard - Vale Church and The Farmhouse Hotel

A lot of planning had gone into this wedding and I am sure it was all Vanessa and Richard had hoped for.

With six bridesmaids and 3 flowergirls there was a lot going on at Vanessa’s parents’ house!

The groomsmen generally have an easier time with their preparations…

Little Evelyn, Vanessa and Richard’s daughter, had a couple of slightly older flowergirls for company. They all were so well behaved.

Rev. Stuart Tanswell conducted the lovely ceremony. One of the most touching moments was when he added Evelyn’s hand to Vanessa & Richard’s hands which he wrapped up in his stole, a spur of the moment action that seemed just so appropriate.

On the way to the reception we stopped at Bruce Russell’s gardens for some pictures, then it was just round the corner to The Farmhouse for the rest of the celebrations.

Speeches were before the meal, they included touching moments and also moments of humour.

Last of the Light Brigade performed their normal excellent routine, their energy certainly transfers to the wedding guests.

There was a break at 10 pm for a spectacular fireworks display!

Vanessa and Richard027a.jpg
Vanessa and Richard029.jpg

Have a fabulous time on honeymoon!

Vanessa and Richard030.jpg