Holly & Tom - St. Matthew's Church & La Grande Mare Hotel

Holly & Tom were always going to have a very vibrant wedding day, lots of friends and family determined to enjoy themselves.  This was actually our fourth wedding for the family!  It was great to see them all together again with their lovely children.

Holly got ready at La Grande Mare Hotel, where the reception was to be held later.

Probably one of the most emotional times at this wedding was when Holly's dad saw her in her dress before going to the church, a beautiful thing to witness.

Holly Tom004.jpg

Tom got ready at his parents' house before making his way to the church.

We seem to have been to St. Matthew's Church a lot for weddings this year, a popular place.  Rev. Marc Trickey conducted the ceremony.

After the lovely ceremony we popped by Le Guet for pictures, all very conveniently close by between the church and reception at La Grande Mare.

The hotel was beautifully decorated for the couple.

Holly Tom020.jpg

Speeches preceded the meal, and were both amusing and touching.

What amazing rings, I had never seen a thumprint etched into a ring before, very personal.

After the first dance the dance floor was packed with people. Everyone had such a good time, it was great to photograph so many people with this much energy!

We'll finish this post off with a stunning image that took advantage of the gorgeous full moon...

Holly Tom034.jpg