Michelle & Saint - St. Peter's Church & Perelle Headland

What a spectacular day this was!  The perfect weather for the marquee reception on Perelle Headland.

With seven bridesmaids and two flower girls there was a lot going on in the morning!

Meanwhile the groomsmen had an outdoor breakfast at Les Fleur du Jardin Hotel before they made their way to the church.  

Rev. Adrian Datta greeted the bride and conducted his normal lovely ceremony.

Michelle & Saint wedding 010.jpg

After a very enthusiastic shower of confetti Saint and Michelle drove themselves in the Landrover to the reception.

Michelle & Saint wedding 016.jpg

The hot air balloon tethered on the headland drew a lot of attention!  Certainly a unique feature at any wedding we have photographed!  Michelle was thrilled with this surprise that Saint had organised...

The detailing at the reception was a labour of love, Joy's had spent days preparing the site in the heatwave we have been experiencing.  It was all well worth the effort.

Alessia not only played her violin so beautifully in the church, she also made the wedding cake with her mum!  The cake was cut and served in the afternoon before the meal in the marquee.

Michelle & Saint wedding 023.jpg

Helen Elliott got plenty of attention for her distinctive style of paintings, she had provided a painting of the church for the order of service, the reception location was also beautifully interpreted.

Michelle & Saint wedding 024.jpg

As soon as people settled in the marquee they were treated to some entertaining speeches.

The evening light was exquiste, even after their meal people tackled the sack racing with a very competitive spirit!

Everyone enjoyed watching the sunset...

A lot of effort had gone into setting up the dance area.

Michelle & Saint wedding 035.jpg

A crowded dance floor made it tricky to photograph!

What a brilliant day!

Michelle & Saint wedding 038.jpg