Alice & Jason - St. Matthew's Church & The Bella Luce Hotel

Another beautiful day and another beautiful wedding.

Alice and her bridesmaids were not rushed and enjoyed getting ready together at Alice's parents' home.

Jason and his groomsmen got ready at his parents' house too, before they made their way to the church under perfect blue skies.

Noel, Alice's dad, drove her to the church himself.  Linda Le Vasseur conducted an enjoyable ceremony.

I don't think I have seen such a torrent of confetti before, it was heads down, eyes closed and run for it!


Jason drove his new father-in-law's car away, he did joke during his speech that he would have married Alice sooner so he could have driven the Aston earlier!

After a stop for pictures on the cliffs, where the sea was as calm as it could be, we proceeded to the Bella Luce for the reception.  

Speeches were before the meal and everyone was thoroughly entertained.

The car was so polished, the rings barely stayed in position for this shot!


One of the most thrilled people to catch the bouquet that I have seen!  You have my card!


City Limits were their normal superb standard, always great to listen to.


We also took the opportunity to take a few more creative images in the evening, always exciting to see what we can come up with.


The evening finished off with some frantic dancing on a crowded floor, what a great day.