Melissa & Ross - a wedding at Castle Cornet

Today I am writing this on a particularly wet day, pretty similar conditions to those a few days before for Melissa and Ross' wedding.

What turned out to be one of the wettest and greyest days of our summer (so far!) still couldn't dampen their spirits.  This was such a colourful and characterful wedding that it more than made up for the dreary weather.

Melissa's dress and shoes were beautifully unique, with every small detail fitting in with the rainbow theme of the wedding. She had even made all the bridesmaids the necklaces and pendants.
 With a total of 9 bridesmaids, Aunty's house was full of activity, unfortunately we couldn't make use of the garden and views for any pictures as the rain had arrived exactly as forecast.

 The groomsmen had arrived at the Castle and awaited for the guests and bride to brave the rain too.

 By the time the bus arrived with Melissa the rain was torrential!  Tricky conditions for photography, but still atmospheric.

 They had planned an outdoor ceremony at Castle Cornet, but Plan B had been put into action.  A wet day like this gives everyone involved a lot of extra work, but all worthwhile to give Melissa & Ross as good an experience as possible.  The Hatton Gallery looked beautiful.

 Dad and step-dad escorted Melissa up the aisle.

Not what was planned, but a stunning scene.  Jayne White conducted the ceremony.

 Then after the ceremony we had to move out into even heavier rain than before, to make as much of a run for it as possible to get to the marquee.
 Who cares about the weather. Let's just have a laugh...
 This dreary scene sums up the conditions perfectly, the party is still going on inside though.
 A great day to have such colourful decor.

Special mention has to go to young Erin, who sang so beautifully and powerfully while people waited for the food.
A further special mention has also got to be made for Bryony, The Cake Lady, who had made this amazing Disney themed cake.  Surely someone would have had some guilty feelings chomping into Piglet?!
Later in the afternoon we managed to photograph some family groups outside when the rain eased off temporarily.  But this final group had to be done in a more sheltered location as the rain returned, I like the result with people still having fun.

This wedding was a very informal event, the only speech was when Ross said a few emotional words after we all relocated back to the Hatton Gallery for the evening.

What a great day, not quite what was planned initially, but still a wonderful experience for all.