AeroSparx - night time air display

I don't seem to post many non-wedding related pictures on my blog, not quite sure why really.  But, in any case, occasionally something comes up that is quite special and spectacular.

Tonight Guernsey was treated to an amazing display by the AeroSparx team.  On a beautiful still night, with a high spring tide, St. Peter Port Harbour was the perfect setting.

I was actually enjoying a family meal in town before one of my daughters leaves to start university.  While they didn't have to move from their seats as they had an upstairs view over the harbour from The Taj, I made my excuses as I ran off to set up my cameras on the Albert Pier.

It is always tricky to photograph something that one has never seen before, but I figured the exposures should be similar to a firework display.

Things happened fast and the near 10 minute display seemed to be over in far too short a time.

Anyway here are some of my shots, the first one is an exposure that covers just over 7 minutes of the display in one image, it illustrates the bewildering amount of manoeuvres these guys make, in the dark, while firing pyrotechnics!

Quickly packing up, I then made my way back to finish my beer and nan bread.  A quite special evening.