Wynne & Wynne

After a recent successful day in the studio shooting pictures for local hairdressers 'Wynne and Wynne', http://www.wynneandwynne.co/, with my daughter Rosemary, our work was published in the 'GSY Life' magazine. It had five double page spreads, and included the set - up and preparation for the event.   

Go out and find yourselves a copy of this nice glossy magazine to see the reproductions in full.  I have posted a few images below.

As normal most of the work is in the preparations.  All the hairdressers and models had great fun while they worked to produce some amazing styles.

James Harrison filmed the day, producing a very dynamic video that is great to watch.

As soon as the models were ready we started photographing them in a variety of poses.  The idea was to show off Wynne & Wynne's work in an exciting way.

 The day was long and hard work, but it was great to have the opportunity to photograph this event, thank you Tammi.

Also thanks to my eldest daughter Rosemary for assisting and taking some great pictures herself.
https://rosemarydespres.wordpress.com/ for more of her work.