Renée & Nick

Renée & Nick had a wonderful day for their wedding.  Sunny and warm, but not too hot like the last few days!

Hair and make-up were done at home which made for a relaxing start.

 Renée looked quite amazing.
 My daughter Rosemary took these images below while I was photographing some portraits of the bride.
 Dad's expression says it all.
 Meanwhile, Nick and his groomsmen had time for a quick drink at the Deerhound before the short walk to the Forest Church.

 The ring did go on, eventually!

 A brisk breeze made it tricky to take pictures with Renée's hair and veil needing a bit of attention.  But the scenery was beautiful.

 Then we made our way to La Grande Mare for the reception.  Everyone enjoyed the nice weather out on the lawn prior to moving indoors.

 The dining room was laid out to great effect.
 I was really pleased with what I managed to come up with when I photographed the rings.  Nick had designed his own ring and a friend and guest at the wedding had made the rings (from Rocks, Le Pollet). This was a lovely personal touch for the couple.
 Speeches took the traditional slot after the meal and were good entertainment.

 Dancing was split between the normal dance floor with Q-Sky as DJs, and a couple of friends singing and playing guitars in the conservatory.
 We sneaked off for a few pictures in the evening, getting some beautiful images as night fell.  One example is below.

 There was some lively dancing, which was a fun end to a great day for Renée and Nick.