Royal Photographic Society - Guernsey Distinctions Advisory Day

I didn't realise that such a gap had elapsed since my last blog post, so apologies to anyone out there who has been keenly waiting to read this!

I proudly serve on one of the Royal Photographic distinctions panels, this is quite an honour.  It involves actual assessment days where a panel of suitably qualified photographers awards distinctions to work that meets the high standards needed.  We also take part in workshops and advisory days.

At the end of February we actually ran an advisory day here in Guernsey.  These days are to help people prepare their work for submission for an assessment at a future date.

We had a very well attended event, well organised by the RPS Southern Region.  People had travelled from the UK and Jersey to take part.  Two other Fellows of the Society, Steven Le Prevost from Guernsey, and Roy Robertson from Scotland, joined me,  to make up the team that gave advice to the participants.

Here are a couple of pictures, courtesy of Dave Peckham, that show us in action.

I'm the one in the centre, in listening mode!

We got some great feedback from those who attended, another bonus was we saw some exciting work. Best of luck to those who apply for their distinctions in due course.

Just over a week later I was at the RPS headquarters in Bath, where we had a 2 day distinctions meeting.  Hard work, but very rewarding too.