Nicki & Shaun

I was looking forward to this wedding for a long time.  We had worked together for over a year prior to Nicki & Shaun's wedding photographing an engagement book, so we got to know each other pretty well by June this year.

By the time we got back from the hairdresser time was getting a little tight for everything else.

 We just had time for a few portraits of the stunning bride before everyone got into the cars to make their way to Sausmarez Manor for the ceremony.

 Couldn't resist this shot of Steve from Executive Cars, a good story can be told in a single image.
 At the Manor the best man was keeping the groom's nerves at bay.
 A reassuring arm when it's needed most!
 The bride's father drove her to Sausmarez Manor in his Aston Martin, the traffic through St. Martin's was a little stressful, but we all arrived only a few minutes late.  The car looked great in front of the Manor.

 Difficult light, but loads of atmosphere.

 Lots of hugs and handshakes after the ceremony.
 While I photographed the family group pictures, Dave Lowe waited nearby for a "surprise" carriage ride for the newly weds to be taken to The Venue for the reception.
 A nice bit of quiet time for Nicki & Shaun before they re-joined all their guests at The Venue.

 We were all well entertained with the speeches.

 But what we were all waiting for of course was THE DANCE!  Nicki & Shaun had been training for this for towards two years, under the watchful tuition of Andy & Lisa of Two Left Feet.  I had even attended a couple of practice sessions too.  We moved downstairs and it all went amazingly well, a beautiful moment that everyone enjoyed.  The emotions were very evident at the end!

 The rest of the dancing was back upstairs.

 Another beautiful wedding day, congratulations to Nicki & Shaun.