Alessia & Jonathan

I am often asked what happens if it rains on the wedding day.  Well, I always tell people not to worry and just enjoy their day with a big smile. 

Despite the really heavy rain throughout their day, Alessia & Jon did exactly that.  They had an incredible day and, even if I say so myself, we also got them some great pictures.

 With seven bridesmaids, it was a full house and a busy morning.  But all were ready on time.

 A brief gap in the rain even gave us the chance to grab a group shot outside.
 As I mentioned, just have a smile and enjoy the day.
 The wedding car was rather special, just as well it had all those coats of wax beforehand.

 Jayne White conducted a beautiful ceremony in a packed St. James.  We were treated to lovely music from the string quartet, as well as some beautiful singing from Casey-Joe and Chiara. 

 Alessia and Jon were still keen to stop off and have a few pictures taken on the way to the reception at La Grande Mare.

 Music featured strongly throughout the day, the string quartet moved to the reception and then a harpist played during the meal.

 Speeches went down well, there was nowhere to hide for the groom during the best man's speech!

 We had time to take a few pictures outside and then the dancing exploded into mad activity to the energetic Last of the Light Brigade.  The dance floor was so packed it was tricky to find room to take photographs.  If you want to get people up and dancing, this band know how to do it.

 As I mentioned before, music played a big part in the day.  Alessia joined in with the band on her violin, a brilliant performance that had massive applause.
 Her father, Bob, also showed off his talents, taking over the drums to an encircling crowd baying out Sir Bob, Sir Bob!

 A memorable day for sure, now who cares about the rain?!
 Just to add that my wife Karen often works with me at certain times of a wedding.  Now one of my daughters, Rosemary, has also started to accompany us on occasion.  This blog contains 7 of Rosemary's pictures.  I don't think anyone would be able to tell them apart from any of the others myself or Karen have taken, an exciting future talent.