Tahlia & David

Tahlia & David's wedding seemed to coincide with what seemed like the first warm day of the month. It was sunny with light winds and warm right through into the evening.

With a ceremony at the Vale Church at midday, time was going to be rather tight for the preparations, however everyone was well organised and had great fun too.  The bride and her bridesmaids got ready at La Grande Mare where the reception was to be held later.

 And all I got was this little pig....!

David got ready at home, another early start and they were at the church soon after 11 am.

The bride was exactly on time and walked up to the church with Rev. Matthew Barrett, all having a good laugh.

David's initial look of worry soon turned to a beaming smile as Tahlia was escorted up the aisle by her father.  The ceremony was thoroughly enjoyable with Rev. Barrett's jovial style.

We stopped off on the coast for some pictures on our way to the reception.

The dining room at La Grande Mare was beautifully set up, with some very intricate details.

While dad got on with his entertaining speech, the groom and best man seemed a little preoccupied!
But all speeches were great entertainment.

A congested scene for the cutting of the cake.
The evening gave plenty of time for people to have a good chat, or for some a chance for more energetic pursuits before the dancing.

 I know nothing about football, but I suspect some foul play here, or was it a dive?
The first dance was a lovely moment.
As night fell, we also had some good opportunities for a few different pictures outside.  What a great day everyone had.