Kerrie & Adam

Kerrie & Adam's wedding took place in a couple of Guernsey's most photogenic locations, Sausmarez Manor and the Bon Port Hotel.  Until a bit of mist drifted in later in the day we all sweltered on what must have been one of the hottest days of the year.

This character was completely unfazed by the preparations going on at home, or by the heat.

 Adam and his groomsmen arrived at the Manor, put on their button holes and awaited for everyone else to arrive.

 The intense sun shining into the dark interior gave some dramatic if difficult to work with light.

After the ceremony everyone gathered on the lawn for family photographs and people were ferried to the reception by minibus.

 After the last bus had departed we were left in peace to take a few pictures of Kerrie & Adam in the gardens before making our way to the Bon Port Hotel for the reception.

 Speeches were short and sweet, with some very heartfelt words by Adam about his wife.

 As night fell it was time for the atmosphere to change and also for the level of activity to move up a gear.

 A lovely end to a great day.