Alex & Jon

Alex & Jon had a beautiful wedding last weekend.   Alex's sister Sara was the bridesmaid and also did the bride's makeup.  The closeness of their relationship was apparent as they seemed to have a good laugh as they prepared.
 Everyone was ready in plenty of time, just a little bit of concern as the taxis didn't turn up as expected, but fortunately alternative arrangements worked out and we all got to the church in time.

 Reverend Denise Dekker at St. Andrew's Church gave a ceremony that was very personal and moving.  A beautiful and happy moment.

 It was cloudy and cold, but the rain stayed away and we got a few moments of sun as we left the church grounds.
 A few pictures in the gardens and then onto the Farmhouse Hotel for the reception.

 Alex's mum gave her away and led off the speeches.
 With two best men, we were not short of laughs.
Josh may have been the only child at the wedding, but he more than made up for that with his presence. 

Just before the first dance we took advantage of a brief gap in the clouds that provided some exciting lighting.
 There must be a message in this cake cutting picture!

Lively guests of all ages made for an action filled few hours of dancing.
The Bandits provided a couple of great sets during the evening, I thoroughly enjoyed their music.  Jon's dad used to play in a band and took over the drums for a few songs.  Apparently he hasn't played for over 15 years, but he seamlessly slotted back into his role to great appreciation.

 Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day, which seemed to go all too quickly.