Jade & Gerard

Jade & Gerard got married on a bitterly cold February day.  Looking out of the window when I woke up and seeing the lawn was white I was a bit worried about getting around, but even though it snowed occasionally in the first part of the day it wasn't staying.   February is a great time to get married, that is when I got married myself, 24 years ago. 

Jade got ready at the Bella Luce Hotel, one of the most relaxed wedding preparations I have seen.  Plenty of time, no nerves and good humour.

I strive to capture those little moments, like her joy at seeing the flowers arrive.

The perfume Gerard gave Jade as a gift got universal approval.

My wife, Karen, photographed the groomsmen, they even stopped off at the pub for a drink on the way to Delancey Church.

After a lovely church service with Father Michael, complete with the Bel Canto Choir, we stopped off on the cliffs for a quick picture on our way to the reception.  There was no doubt, it was extremely cold out there!  But where better than the cosy interior of the Bella Luce Hotel to retire to afterwards.

The reactions to Dad's speech speak for themselves!

Now how long did he talk for?!

The great scoop for the wedding was the appearance of Peter Mehtab, I cannot remember being so entertained at a wedding previously.  This man is a genius and everyone was enthralled and incredulous at his amazing tricks, he really is true magic!

Not the healthiest pursuit from a groom who is into his sport!
Jade & Gerard enjoy your honeymoon, it has got to be warmer than where you got married.