Heather & Andrew

I enjoy winter weddings as there are lots of challenges but the atmosphere is quite unique.  Heather and Andrew's wedding was just before Christmas and it was a lovely event.

 The dress was watched over by one of Heather's cats.

 We got to the Capelles Methodist Church just in time, where Andrew had been waiting and kept amused by his two best men.

We had a very personal ceremony, followed by some family group shots in the church as not only was it wet outside but it was also blowing a full gale.  Then it was onwards to the Bella Luce Hotel for the reception.
The warmth of the interior was just right on a day like this.  Heather and Andrew were in a relaxed mood as they waited to enter the dining room.

Speeches took place before the meal, the bestmen seemed to relish their task, someone else looked a little less than comfortable!

The cake continued the winter theme and looked spectacular, we also took advantage of some festive lights for other pictures.

Soon it was time for the dancing, after the first dance it was all loud and frantic with everyone seeing out the rest of the day in a rather energetic fashion.  It was a fitting send off for Heather and Andrew.