Sarah & Mark

We started this wedding day at the hairdressers, as Sarah began getting ready.

Ella showed obvious delight as she unwrapped a gift for being flower girl, while Zak soon found an energetic way to show off his new teddy bear.

Sarah looked stunning.

My wife and assistant Karen covered the groomsmen getting ready.

We have to admit the weather wasn't great on the day, but after all mid November wasn't any worse than a fair portion of the last summer.

After the ceremony at the Castel Church it was straight to the Farmhouse Hotel for the reception.
The porcelain figurines of the couple with their dog was a quite remarkable likeness.

Speeches were before the meal and gave many humourous moments.  Naturally Mark's sporting background came up, he has a great record in local sport, especially in triathalons.

Before we knew it the dancing was about to start.
The DJ certainly had a few lights on show!

It was very noticeable that there was a close group of family and friends at this event.  There was lots of chatting and laughter as well as more dancing.

Hopefully Sarah & Mark are enjoying their honeymoon, they must at least be getting better weather than we are experiencing in Guernsey.