Serena & Steve

This was a different wedding day, well two days actually.  Serena and Steve had planned a relaxed and casual event.

Day 1 saw everyone getting ready for the formalities at the Greffe.  Serena was at home and Steve got ready at his best man's house.

Then each group had a drink prior to the Greffe, the bride and her mum with  the bridesmaids at the OGH and the groomsmen enjoying the sun at the Prince of Wales.

Then it was off to enjoy the wonderful weather, first stop was to the Clarence Battery for a cool box full of champagne.

Afterwards we went off for a few more pictures with the newly weds, before catching up with everyone else at La Fregate Hotel for a meal.

Of course the view from the dining room is quite special.  It was nice to capture the bigger scenes as well as other more intimate moments that I am always on the look out for.

The evening was beautiful with a full moon and Castle Cornet glowing in the dark as a backdrop.

Day 2 - an early start saw me meet Serena & Steve at the hotel before making our way back to their house as they got ready once again.  Serena is a great sports fan, especially of rowing in which she has had a fair bit of success.  It proved tricky for her to have the make up done at the same time as some very exciting rowing finals in the Olympics!

Then it was onwards to Les Douvres Hotel where we were going to have an outdoor ceremony, meal and dancing to finish off the day.  A few decorations had to be taken care of first.

This was a clear instruction to the guests!

Someone was in a hurry to see where the party was...

 Once all the guests had assembled we had a lovely outdoor ceremony.

Then it was time to relax in the sun (apart from one brief shower), listen to the speeches and have some fun.

Not quite sure what this sporting display resembled, possibly a cross between Taekwondo and water polo!  Forunately it all passed injury free.

Night fell and some had a quiet chat while another crowd had found a TV and watched Jessica Ennis win her gold medal.

The pool proved useful for those dancing in less than comfortable shoes...

As I left at close to midnight, the hard core party enthusiasts seemed to be going strong and heading for the bestman's house to continue the celebrations!