Michelle & Stephen

What a day we had for Michelle & Stephen's wedding.  It was also nice to have everything contained in St. Peter's, preparations, ceremony and reception all close to or in the parish church.

Michelle had her hair and make up done at home, there was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone was ready in plenty of time.  Good from my point of view so I could take a few portraits and get to the church without a rush.

What an absolutely stunning dress.

The scene was quite different for the groomsmen, a house bustling full of people and a fine lunch under preparation.

Someone still has to do the hard work.

St. Peter's church is one of my favourite places, full of character and of course we got married there ourselves (over 23 years ago now!)

The Bel Canto Choir treated all present to their wonderful singing, and gave me a tight view of Stephen's final moments as a single man.

Reverend Strike gave a very moving ceremony, quite appropriate as Stephen's family have a long and close association with this church.

No time to stop after, literally a couple of minutes for pictures and a walk to the marquee for the reception.

The marquee had been decorated with such stunning flowers and attention to detail, clearly great effort had been taken over all the details.

There was a great atmosphere as everyone had a chat and a laugh, or a game of football.  Then a shower of rain forced all inside for the speeches and the meal.

Looks like a lot of notes there, but the speeches were not too long, being hilarious and touching as appropriate.

"What's this for Dad?"

The cake was so pretty is was a shame to cut it.

The remainder of the night was given over to dancing, some pretty frantic dancing too.

The Big Blue Gipsy Experience provided the music, they had all present rocking and the floor bouncing to their distinctive sound.  The dancers were disappointed when they stopped playing.

All in all a pretty spectacular wedding.