Claire & Eric

During the speeches it was noted that this wedding was all about the couple's friends and family, this was so very true.  A more people centred wedding is rarely encountered, this circle of friends seemed exceptionally close.

Claire looked very special, with her bridesmaids.

Eric was also very relaxed and making the most of having the chance of a chat and a laugh.

Soon Claire had arrived at St. James, always a spectacular location.  The emotions were plainly visible, they just looked so happy.

We had a quick stop at Candie Gardens before the reception at Les Rocquettes.

I hadn't been to Les Rocquettes since the leaving party of my good friend Alex Wallace when he left for New Zealand, Derek from the hotel sends his best regards Alex if you're reading this.  The interior was beautifully decorated and the food was much appreciated.

The speeches were a great laugh, some of those jokes may have been old ones, but I still found them funny!  There was no evening dance, just more mingling and mixing with great friends, that's what this event was all about.