Nicky & Ollie

Nicky & Ollie had a good practice for their wedding, they were at Karlie & Dan's that I photographed the week before!  I was grateful that their preparations were all concentrated around the L'Eree area, I didn't have far to go between the bride's house and where the groom was getting ready, then just a short hop to St. Peter's Church.

The dress looked lovely with the backlighting.

The groomsmen were in jovial spirits, got ready promptly which left plenty of time for a pint and game of pool.  Here proud mum just couldn't resist the final tie adjustment.

What a great shot this is, I mean my photograph that is!  Though the standard of pool on display did hint at many mis-spent hours!
Onto the church for a lovely service.  St. Peter's Church brings back a few memories, we got married there 21 1/2 years ago.
That's an impressive cloud of confetti.
A few pictures in a garden and then down to Fort Grey, an area with a lot of meaning to the newly weds.  I am really pleased with the beautiful pictures we achieved there, all in a few minutes too.  I always love putting my landscape experience to good use when I get a chance to in weddings.
Then across the island to the Old Government House Hotel for the remainder of the day.
The cake was very special, it was skillfully and beautifully made to mimic the bride's dress.
 Dancing was to The States, I look forward to their performances when I am working.

The groomsmen did assure me they don't make a habit of this!
A very memorable event. Hope you all enjoy this preview of the pictures. 
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