Ali & Dave's wedding

This was a really sweet event that took place back in February. Ali and Dave got married in the half-term at the Greffe, followed with a blessing at Notre Dame church. Here the bride arrives in style.

A few moments adjusting the bridesmaid's outfit gave me the opportunity to capture an unexpected image of the beautiful backlit blue dress.

Notre Dame is one of my favourite churches, I remember being told when a child that the roof timbers were constructed to ressemble the construction of a ship's hull.

I am always vigilant to any discreet candids where I can, the lighting here suited a black and white image that enables the lines and textures to be more prominent.

The couple were throughly enjoying this informal service, Father PJ was in great form and added much humour as expected.

I love winter weddings, the low light gives lots of wonderful opportunities to take different pictures. Photography is all about light and one has to be able to make use of the direction and quality to produce great pictures, timing and composition add the finishing touches. This all comes together here with these shadows.

A short picture session followed on the way to the reception, the cold conditions ensured that no-one wanted to hang around for long.

A small and intimate reception dinner followed. I concentrated on a few details and capturing the moments that make special memories.

A dance rounded off the day, the younger guests made full use of the floor and I was able to photograph some touching and initmate moments.