Landscape in New Clinical Block

I am naturally a fairly quiet person who doesn't shout about my work too much, I do literally let my images do the talking. But please permit me to share with you a quite stunning print of mine that has been hung in the New Clinical Block at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey.

The builders of the block, Charles Le Quesne, donated this piece of artwork via Karl Taylor at The scale of this canvas is quite breathtaking, it is huge! It really does stand out in the crisp, modern corridor.

The scene is of a still evening at St. Saviour's Reservoir in Guernsey and is one of my favourite landscapes. So without further ado, please see below for the pictures themselves.

For those who have asked or have an interest this image was not taken digitally. It was photographed on a Canham T657 camera, (a large format 5x7 inch format), with a 6x17 roll film adaptor, on Fuji Velvia 100, the lens was my amazingly sharp Rodenstock 90mm, (an ultra wide angle lens in this format). Working with equipment like this is another world from the digital cameras most of my work is carried out with now. Everything is entirely manual, there are so many areas to make mistakes, seeing and focusing the image is a challenge in itself, plus you have all the multitude of camera movements to make to ensure you have got the perspective and planes of focus correct. A far cry indeed from the convenience of digital capture.

But above all this you still have to have the eye for a good picture, no matter how you photograph it.

I for one am grateful I grew up with varied photography like I have for the 30 years I have been using cameras, the skills I have learnt serve me well and enable me to draw on my experience to handle situations that present themselves during my wedding photography. There is no substitute for hard earned experience, and no short cuts to developing the necessary skills. I am happy for my clients to know what I am capable of so that they have full confidence in my ability.