Samantha & Matthew

This wedding was special in that so many people had travelled from all corners of the globe to assemble in Guernsey to join Sam and Matt in their wonderful day. I was aware of a large contingent from South Africa, naturally as this is where the groom's family reside, plus people from Bermuda, New York, Australia and others from not so far away. One of the pleasures of this job is being able to meet some remarkable people, there were plenty in this event, though unfortunately I don't get a chance to stop to chat.

It is difficult to condense such a wedding into a select few images for the blog, so excuse me if you feel left out in this blog. There are plenty more images to show in due course, plus these have taken me 2 long days of effort to get to this stage.

Apart from a minor worry when the cravats couldn't be located for a few moments and a few tight shirt collars, the groom and his party were in a relaxed mood as they got ready. It was nice that everyone throughout the day was on time.

Photography is so much about the use of light and I quickly seized upon the opportunity of this scene as the bride was in her final preparations, the beautiful bridesmaids dresses contrasting with the other colours.

Now when one of my daughters saw the next image as she glanced over my shoulder this evening she exclaimed that the bride was stunning and looked like a Roman goddess.

The service was lovely and the bride really shone as she entered the church. Confetti flew in abundance on the way out.

Now one of the highlights of the day had to be the use of the old cars. The bride's parents have a stunning Austin 16/6, this was immaculately turned out. Several friends had also come in their cars, this ressembled a scene from a by gone era as they motored away through the lanes by the church.

We stopped off on the way to the reception and I was able to take full advantage of the colours of autumn and the immaculately valeted car for this portrait of the newly wed couple, even if it did mean lying in the gutter for the best viewpoint.

With so many people travelling so far it was nice to have a vantage point that enabled me to show the entire wedding party in one go, a precious record.

A bit of fun before the meal for one of the younger guests and a stroll in the gardens.

Some funny speeches followed, I love the match between the groom's brother's waistcoat and the wallpaper. These shots were especially difficult to capture as the lighting levels were low and rather challenging!

Now the first dance that followed was the most energetic routine I have seen at a wedding. Quite breathtaking, note the veil disappears at some point during the dance! The pace slowed up for a second dance with the couple's parents, this was a nice touch and it was good to photograph them all on the dance floor together.

No room to share more pictures with you here, but the party continued at a high pace throughout with lots of great action until past midnight. I was able to record some fun images throughout.
Hope you enjoyed this preview of the images.