Snowy Owl in Guernsey!

Another surprise in store today.  Amazingly across the lane from our house in a recently planted field of potatoes was a Snowy Owl.  It's only a couple of thousand miles away from where it should be really, and if you see my post beiow on the snow we had, a couple of months too late for that.  So instead of catching up on my backlog of work I spent a total of 9 hours lurking by hedges waiting for this superb bird to do something.  It just sat there until I could no longer see it over an hour after sunset.  I never saw it fly away.
Spot it near the middle of the field as a heavy rain shower passes by.  My favourite shot is the last one, in near darkness the light turns cool blue, and the owl appears soft white in this dusk light. It's probably dining on rabbit tonight.  Enjoy these images.