Sark Elections

Sark is a beautiful island, but there was some dischord during the recent elections  (Dec 2008) which saw the ending of the feudal establishment after many centuries.  I was there to document this historic event.  I greatly enjoy the pressure to deliver some key images of events like these, and of course it keeps me in good practice for covering my wedding assignments which I prefer to do in photojournalistic way.

Here's a choice of images to sum up the drama.  From Daniel Parson's campaign bike,  to the polling station to the counting hall.

The poll closed at 6pm.  After initial sorting and checking for spoilt papers the counting began.  A packed hall was mesmerised as the each vote was called and recorded.  One had to admire the tenacity of the counters who persevered for 9 long hours!  Many in the hall sat there for the whole tension filled count, there was no way this could be described as boring.

Eventually at 4 am the results were announced to show a strong vote in favour of candidates who were perceived to be less sympathetic to the interests of the Barclay brothers of the neighbouring island of Brecqhou.