Engagement sessions

I am

 offering my wedding clients an engagement session.  This serves several purposes: it of course provides a record of yourselves prior to your marriage that you wouldn't have otherwise, we get to know each other better, plus the resulting images can be made into a guest book and gets some more used to a camera so that they become less self conscious.  This latter point is important as some couples are worried about being photographed.  Well don't worry, in your wedding my documentary style means that often people are not even aware they are being photographed.  In an engagement session you are more aware of me as it is only us, but even then I would like to prove that with my style I am also taking pictures with a strong graphic element where the couple can be quite small in the frame, but still make the main focal point.

Now for those unfamiliar with the concept, a guest book is designed with areas left for guests to sign at the wedding reception.  Imagine having a collection of some wonderful images of yourselves in a beautiful book, then having your relatives and friends write messages and sign this.  This will provide some very precious memories for you in the future. 

As an example a very recent engagement session for an initially apprehensive couple rewarded us with a fun time and some truly exciting images, I can't wait to see the guest book which is currently being printed.  Thank you to Sara and Simon for being a great looking couple for these images.

My detailed knowledge of the island of Guernsey coupled with my landscape skills enables me to make the most of any opportunity to make great images with couples, whether on an engagement session or during your actual wedding.