Katerina & Andrew

One thing I love about my job is meeting wonderful couples. It was a true privilege to photograph Katerina and Dr. Andrew Lawrence-King's wedding. A remarkable couple immersed in their life of music. Andrew is world famous for his musical activities and I wonder how they found time to get married.
As Andrew is Director of the Harp Consort I expected that harps would feature in their wedding, but I was still in for a surprise when I saw the scene in their house. The stunning dress, made by Katerina herself, was hanging up in a room of their suitably old town house, in the background were a couple of harps, the whole scene oozed character. I couldn't have asked for a better start.

The rings were naturally in keeping with this style, again beautifully intricate and detailed. What better to photograph them against than a French harp that is just 4 years short of 300 years, I wonder what stories this harp could tell us if it was possible.

As already mentioned the bride is an accomplished dress maker, a harp maker and restorer too, but I was in for yet another surprise. Mattias, who was giving the bride away, casually mentioned he had a bad back. Katerina is also a qualified chiropractor and soon restored Mattias to full mobility!

A more delicate touch was needed with the make-up and Katerina easily sewed a lovely brooch of a flower and lace to add the finishing touch to her dress.

The bride and bridesmaid certainly had a great style.

While all this was going on, Andrew had to dash to France to pick up the last few people who had been unable to fly into Guernsey due to the volcanic ash flight ban across most of Europe. He had already spent a couple of days reorganising travel for most of the guests with barely a break. How fortunate Buz White was the best man, Andrew and Buz went in Buz's boat to France on the morning of the wedding, everyone was brought over in time, just. The next picture shows Andrew sprinting into town to collect his suit and then to go to his hotel to get ready. This image was photographed 50 minutes before the start of the ceremony, no problem for this groom who arrived at the church calm and collected in plenty of time!

A more relaxed time for Katerina as her party had a nice carriage ride to the church.

A lovely service followed at St. Andrew's Church of Scotland, with some delightful music featuring a harp, violin and organ, played by some of the gifted guests present.

A leisurely trot down to the harbour for the newly wed couple, of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to try and capture an image through the vibrant colour of the tulips on the roundabout. I don't think you will find any other wedding photographers willing or able to go to the lengths we do to get our clients the best images. I made good use of my own trusty stead, my bicycle, to get into position in time for this image.

Access Challenger, Buz White's charter boat, was the venue for the reception, another unique feature of this wedding.

A short cruise to Rosaire off Herm was the perfect location in perfect weather. This sort of light does make my job a lot more challenging as one fights the resulting high contrast and shadows. But I was able to record a very different cake cutting ceremony.

Andrew took the helm back to Guernsey to also demonstrate his seamanship.

The evening function took place conveniently at Pier 17, just a walk up the ramp from Buz's boat. For me it was from one challenging lighting condition to another, from bright outdoors to dim indoors. But it is always interesting to see what I can produce as these candid portraits illustrate.

Dusk was beautiful on this still, cloudless night with a new moon.

Katerina had a picture request for me, to take a photograph of her smoking, we produced this stunning result.

I also met the couple the day after as they enjoyed the sunset on the west coast, a nice way to sum up this unique, challenging, but visually exciting and beautiful event.